Thursday, July 2, 2009

Interior Office Design | Meguro Office ,Tokyo | Nendo

The office is located near the Meguro River in Tokyo, on the fifth floor of an old office building. We wanted the usual spaces and functions -meeting space, management, workspace and storage- to be separate, but also to maintain a sense of connection between them. To achieve this effect, we divided the space with walls that seem to sag and flop like a piece of cloth held up between two hands, enclosing the various spaces more than the usual office dividers, but less than actual walls. Employees can move between spaces by walking over the parts of the walls that "sag" the most, thus emphasizing the contrast between the uses of the different spaces. Spaces that need more sound-proofing are enclosed with the kind of plastic curtains you might find at a small factory so that people can work without worrying about noise but not feel isolated. When you stand up and look through the whole space, people, shelves and plants seem to appear and disappear as though floating between the waves.
Text and images from: Nendo
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