Friday, July 3, 2009

Innovia TECHNOPOLE: Service Platform and technology business incubator: Choisey-Damparis | France | Serero Architects

Restricted - Project winner
Client: Communauté de Communes du Grand Dole
Surface: 2 500 m2
Amount of Work: 2 700 000 € H.T.
Design: Serero Architects, (David Serero, Taichi Sunayama, Fabrice Zaini, Louisa Gouesnard, Jean Philippe Sanfourche, Yoichi Ozawa) BET: Iosis NC
Text from: Serero Architects
If the concepts of technology and nature have often been opposed to our tent at Innovia Technology of creating a link between them, to reconcile the ideas of progress and sustainability, tradition and innovation. We designed a project with a strong identity using a traditional construction material, wood, whose performance has been greatly developed recently by changes in methods of calculation and analysis of structures. Our project involves the structural capacities, its aesthetic qualities in front cladding and flooring and very good resistance to fire
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