Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Design Ideas-Sport plaza Mercator,Amsterdam | VenhoevenCS

The Baarsjes in Amsterdam is a multicultural area where people from 129 different countries. The city wanted the life of the community in this area a new impetus. They therefore opted for a building of swimming pools, a therapiebad, fitness, aerobics, sauna and steam room, ballroom, caf, and childcare in a fast food restaurant was approved. Each component draws other groups so that the entire population uses. Inside, everyone has a view of other activities, which entices people to other facilities to use. Because the building in a park was built, at the request of residents in the area covered fully implemented.

With its green walls and roof Sportplaza Mercator is the beginning and end of the Rembrandtpark. Distance seen looks like a overgrown fortification that the entrance to the 19th century city back on it and protects. The glass facade glistening a contemporary term complex with swimming pools, fitness, party and hospitality venues. The entrance looks like a departure from where the visitors can reach their destination.

The building is designed as a city, a society in miniature, in a cave. The building is full of sight and doorkijkjes, which offer views on the various visitors, activities and cultures in the building. Sunlight penetrates all cracks in the roof well into the interior through. Low windows frame the view of the street and lawn.
Images from:VenhoevenCS
Original text from VenhoevenCS translated by Design Ideas
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