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Carl Bolle Elementary School,Berlin | Baupiloten

The spy in disguise of shimmering voice and movement are the guiding principles for promoting the sport emphasized Brennpunkt school in Berlin-Moabit. In the wake of the changeover to all-day, the ground floor of the historic Louis Hoffmannsbau to a recreational area has been expanded. From the children's spy story are communication, movement and research facilities have been developed which the children of different qualities such as residence Hörräume, as Leseorte retreat places and climbing walls to high-altitude observation post offer. At the same time, they playfully explore scientific phenomena.

Planning started in October 2006, completion fall 2008

Carl Bolle Elementary School
2006 - 2008
Waldenses Str 20, 10551 Berlin

Jahn, Mack & Partners

Project Manager
Constantin from Mülbe

Lena Fischer, Anna Lafite,
Luke de Pellegrin, Lisa Plücker,
Daniel Theiler, Nadia Poor-Rahim

Helmuth Hanle

Project Participants
West Moabit district management,
Berlin moves e.V.

sponsored by
EU, Germany and the Land Berlin
under the program for "Wohnumfeldverbessernde measures

Experts TU Berlin
Prof. Dr. FG Hirche (CAD)
FG Prof. Mertes (planning and Bauökonomie)
FG Prof. Dr. Schäfer (Construction Law)
Mr. Lippke, Prof. Dr. FG Rückert (structural theory)
R. Ross (Fire)
Dr. Feldmann (Acoustic)

Party planning
Prof Dr Klaus Rückert (Statics)

Fa Piechotta (drywall), Dipl Ing Hartmut Späth (electrical work),
Bernd Pander (painting), Schmohl + Son Construction Company Ltd. (demolition and masonry work), fresh berlin (Joinery), Günter Hötzel (painting, writing), International Confederation of Berlin (metal), glass (glass)

Degussa, Siemens AG
Original text by Baupiloten translated by Design Ideas
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