Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baja Spa & Resort | Baja, California | Bercy Chen Studio

This is the first phase of an 800 acre luxury spa resort in Baja California Sur, one hour north of Loreto, in the Bahia Concepcion, facing the Cortez Inland Sea.

The design concept was to defer to the unspoiled natural beauty of the area. Situated on the edge of the Sonoran Desert region where 10 meter tall Suguaro cactus punctuate the seemingly endless horizons of mountain ranges and the ocean.

The beach front residential units are separated by 2 story ram-earth wall grow organically from the local landscape, with seashells from local beaches imprinted in the wall. Each villa offset slightly from the next to allow uninterrupted vista into the Bahia Concepcion for miles.

The design is simple and orthogonal, The residences are 2 concrete volumes stacked and turned 90 degree from each other. The openings and the general orientation of the villas maximize one's view of the spectacular sunrise to the desert mountains on the peninsula across the bay, rendering the landscape from blue, purple, orange and pink depending on the time of the day, like living with a life size Turner in one's living room.

One enter the second floor of the residence by ascending a wooden ramp which conceal and stunning landscape, only revealing the drama upon reaching the generous roofdeck area.

The 2 courtyards on both the ocean and mountain front are shaded by stretched canvas which allow slits of sunlight washing over the ram-earth wall like a sundial, marking the passage of time.

The residential villas are approximately 2000 s.f. each in enclosed space.

Source:Bercy Chen Studio
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