Friday, June 19, 2009

Solstice on the Park, Chicago, USA | Studio Gang

Solstice on the Park, a 26-story residential tower, is literally shaped by solar access. Its living spaces are chiseled to create a 'self-shaded' south-facing surface in response to summer sun, making the building specific to its climate and sun angles. By making latitude into a visible feature for the fa├žade and its reason-to-be, the project challenges the current notion of pure iconography and symbolism in tall buildings. With its surface designed precisely to the optimum angle (71 degrees) for Chicago's latitude, the glass allows sun to enter the apartments during winter for passive solar warming and keeps it out during the summer to reduce air-conditioning usage. At the same time, the structure takes advantage of expansive views of Jackson Park to the south and Chicago’s skyline to the north. Sheer walls on the East and West are carved away where the forces are low, making these facades read directly as structural diagrams. Solstice on the Park targets LEED Silver certification. Included in its 550,000 sf are 145 dwellings, and amenities such as outdoor gardens, a party room, offices, conference spaces and parking.

Owner: Antheus Capital
Completion: September 2010

2008 Jan, Density Projects: 36 New Concepts on Collective Housing
2007 Aug, Wired Magazine
Texts and images:Studio Gang Architects
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