Friday, June 19, 2009

Centre Pointe, Lexington, Kentucky | PAUL PREISSNER

LOCATION Lexington, Kentucky
CLIENT University of Kentucky
PROGRAM Hotel, Hotel Condo, Office, Retail, Parking, Art Center, Ballet Rehersal, Farmers Market, Plaza
STATUS Design 2008

Organized by the University of Kentucky College of Design, a two day charrette produced this alternate proposal for the CenterPointe development project in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. It decidedly creates a new form of public engagement and civic interactivity through the imposition of a massive volume of program which reframe the views to its context (instead of focusing attention inwards, the project assists with the outward observation of Lexington). This situation creates a new constellation of downtown vibrancy which would otherwise not be possible due to the projects elevation off the plaza level to offer a nearly open ground plan, with a network of public and private program weaving in and out of the atmosphere. The project provides a new way to behave in plan, which delivers a heretofore un-experienced public space for a metropolitan culture.

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