Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Office Tower-Sky Blue, White and Gold,St. Petersburg | Langhof

On the banks of the Neva River, near the planned Gazprom Tower, four office buildings with commercial spaces are to be built along the riverbank road. One of them is our design. The basis for our planning is the Master Plan developed by the St. Petersburg architect Evgeny Gerasimov.

The building will be eleven storeys high and will have an exceptional façade. The large windows are offset from one another and wrapped around the building. In this way, all four sides of the building will be of a piece, while the side facing the Neva River is given particular emphasis by the plinth on which the building is raised.

The forms of the building echo the grand historical models standing on the other side of the river and pick up on their design principles, albeit in a more modern language. The window reveals are slightly curved and define the building’s appearance. The façade will be colored brilliant blue, white and gold.

Site: St. Petersburg


Use: Office building with commercial spaces
Planning: 2008
Gross floor area: 7.000 m²
Texts and images from:LANGHOF
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