Monday, June 22, 2009

Norilsk-Arctic Circle |Speedism

Norilsk is a city at the border of the Arctic Circle, undergoing a metamorphosis. The old, heavily polluted city is seemingly echoing an industrial past; the surrounding landscape is muddy black tundra. The image shows us a particular moment in the conversion of the Siberic metropolis: an awareness of climate change, the adaptation of urban tactics and twists and turns inspired by geopolitics, make the city burst open in a clash between the dirty, old city, and the new fundamentalist city of light. Northern light, rainbow light, black light. Black refraction prisms, rainbow light factories, a reception island and a statue island - NY style. Old abandoned statue factories, melt-down refineries, working class settlement quarters. A Light District, a theater, a ruinous tower of the winds. The Beverly Hills of Norilsk, the vault. Gradients of gradients of gradients. Crop, duplicate, rotate, merge, saturate, skew, blur, invert. Repeat.
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