Tuesday, June 9, 2009

JetBlue booth,New York City, National tour,2006 | MESH

The old brand positioning model is dying, and consumer companies are now engaging their customers directly to promote their brand and ensure loyalty. JetBlue’s latest campaign, created by their agency, JWT, includes true stories of experiences flying JetBlue, told by the passengers themselves. JWT commissioned the design team of MESH Architectures and Local Projects to create with impossibly short notice an exciting booth, capable of moving around the USA, to record video stories.

Given the timeframe, our strategy was to start with a prefab acoustical booth. The client desired an airplane-like profile. We fitted the booth with custom-cast resin composite panels from Panelite on a steel strut frame bolted to the booth. The booth is a kind of sign in addition to a recording room. We designed a three-sided video display, custom-built from Color Kinetics LEDs. On the end of the booth, the display shows messages and clips from the commercials. The video continues around the edges of the display onto the sides, where it becomes more abstract, lighting up the panelite and extending the animated lighting display around the booth.

The booth interior is lit by a translucent 3Form Stage floor, backlit by Acolyte LED arrays. The visitor enters, and the projected video image of a flight attendant guides her through the storytelling process. A special reflective material in the background, in conjunction with an array of green LEDs, imparts a chromakey background to the video, enabling animators to enhance the talking head with amusing graphics.
(Photographer:Frank Oudeman)
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