Monday, June 1, 2009

Community Centre-Avelgem, Netherlands | Dierendonck - Blancke

open ccompetition winner
Surface: 2370 m
The contract comprises the design of a community center for the town Avelgem, an area which was posted in line with the urban core and adjacent to a protected nature reserve. The program includes a theater for 300 persons, a fuifzaal for 800 persons, a foyer cum multipurpose hall and a youth self-caf. The building is on the edge of the area so that an open space on the site vacant. To obtain a part of the program stack. This creates a compact volume that the confrontation is concerned with the nearby church and the castle. The base that integrates into the landscape is revealed by two incisions in the field. Central to the building is the foyer which both access to the theater as the multipurpose room. The theater is there to lift the floor space that ensures transparency and openness. A large central video provides visual and daylight in the multipurpose room in the base area. The foyer and administration act as noise buffer noisy night in the multipurpose room. From the foyer has a view of the underlying Meersen. A terrace makes sure that the outdoor receptions may be involved. The youth is also the base as an independent entity with its own access and terrace.
Texts and images from:Dierendonck-Blancke
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