Monday, June 1, 2009

ARS Electronica Center, Linz,Austria | AN Architects

The main area groups (Eingansbereich, Exhibition, VR theater, Futurelab (and catering sector) and all adjacent areas, are uniformly and consistently in a Body building. Since these areas a room height of 5 or 7m predominantly underground (below the space level) are seen by the object the bank as a kind of thin "Circulating volume".
This band combines all of its contents or Functional zones, including inventory object, and forms a framework of the underlying old picture and respected even more expressed. This creates a large covered Area, not only for the ARS Electronica but also for the town square in the background very important. This is an open zone, where different ARS, but also general Cultural events can take place. Thanks to its dimension, the Covered PLACES place where open-air cinema, concerts, Promotions, Out door - installations, art scenes, Summer and a Christmas market can be accommodated. A Interface to control the activity of the ARS Electronica is not isolated, but on the contrary, with the daily life of the city united.
Input Range
Exhibition space
Virtual reality - Theater
Training rooms
Future Lab
Restaurant, Club Lounge
Museum administration
Total net 3,410 m²
Gross area 4,205 m²
Texts and Images from: AN Architects
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