Sunday, June 28, 2009

Apartment Design Idea-MENDELSOHN | AK2

Project: Mendelsohn

Year: 2006
Andrea Klimková
Peter Kručay
Martin Bosík

The aim of the architectural design was little value in the peripheral parts of the territory Podunajských Biskupice bring higher architectural quality, which will help create a positive way street line Kazanskej future buildings along the street. At the peak corner Kazanskej and Land Street is the location of the proposed mass-spatial dominants - 11.podlažného apartment building with unusual architecture. The choice of fine organic shapes comes from the need to soften a harsh industrial environment. The strength of the architectural concept is based on the principle of contrast, just "hard" and "soft" architecture of the proposed dwelling house.

The aim of the architectural design was to bring higher architectural quality to an unvalued area, situated in the periphery of Podunajské Biskupice, what helps, in a positive way, to put the finishing touches to the street line of the planned building on Kazanská street. On the ostensible Quoin of Kazanská Krajinska street and the placement of a dominant volume - an 11storey-high residential object with unconventional architecture - is designed. The choice of organic forms issues from the need to soften the industrial area. The force of the architectural concept is based on the contrast of the robust picture of the area and the soft architecture of the planned building.
Texts and images from:AK2
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