Monday, May 4, 2009

Zhongxian museum & underwater exhibition hall-Crossboundaries Architects

Text from Crossboundaries:

Crossboundaries architects together with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design is proposing a new urban planning for the central area of the city of Zhongxian.

Recently there were changes in the urban policy of Zhongxian, main reasons for those changes were:
1. the building of the Three Gorges Dam, which caused the rise of the river water level: part of the city along the riverside had to be removed.
2. the conversion that many Chinese provinces are undertaking by shifting from an agricultural/industrial based economy to one related to tertiary activities, in this case tourism. The plan for Zhongxian is to turn it into a touristic attraction/zone.

Within this urban planning crossboundaries architects was in charge of submitting two proposals: one for a museum dedicated to the local poet Bai Juyi 易, the other one for an underwater museum that could also host city meetings.

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