Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Riverview Health Centre,Winnipeg | 5468796 Architecture

The Riverview Health Centre serves individuals with rehabilitation and long term care needs, and strives to create a healing environment that feels more like a home than a hospital. The Riverview Health Centre Foundation supports RHC’s initiatives through various philanthropic endeavours, including a fundraising dinner called ‘The Event.’ First held in 2008, the Event calls upon local designers to create original, dining-themed settings that are then judged and awarded prizes at the end of the evening.

Square Meal is an interactive dining space, in contrast to the more formal and rigid table settings that are becoming a thing of the past in many households. The design uses 96 sheets of 1/2” mdf, spaced 2” apart, to create an 8’x8’ cube. The cube is then carved into and out of to create different eating nooks, allowing occupants to eat however they choose, whether it’s lying down, standing up or somewhere in between.
Texts and images from: 5468796 Architecture
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