Monday, May 11, 2009

The Obsessive Furniture Line by Johnny Swing

In loose change, you see a couch. In pieces of show leather, a chair. In jars, a chandelier. These are all visions turned into reality by Johnny Swing. and his Obsessive Furniture line. Taking common, everyday materials and re-purposing them, Johnny Swing has created practical art that is as stunning to view as it is stimulating to use.

His nickel couch, made of over 6400 welded nickels, is a magnificient piece of work that is contoured for the body. His Jardelier, a chandelier made of glass jars, evokes a feeling of early 20th century invention with its illumination. These are but two example of an exceptional furniture line. The difference is in the art. Each is a unique example of beautiful and functional sculpture.

Texts and images from: Johnny Swing
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