Monday, May 18, 2009

Armchair | Tricot | Dominique Perrault

In 1968, radical changes occured. In particular the behaviours: freedom of behaviour, freedom of movement, freedom of posture… During this time, objects were created but it’s hard to say if they were seats shaped like floors, or floors shaped like seats. Some of them now belong to history and are displayed in great furniture exhibitions, such as (the “Sacco” of Gatti Paolini and Tendoro, the “Joe” of De Pas, Urbino and Lomazzi, the “Conversation grave” of Jean-Claude Maugirard…)

In 2008, the idea expands, develops with more subtlety and sophistication, and takes on a free and unlimited form in evoking space. Its matter and manner are highly refined. A dialectic play which combines fluidity and rigidity, liberty and comfort are exemplified through large soft cushions are wrapped with saddle leather mesh.
Texts and images from:Dominique Perrault
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