Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saenz Residence Guatemala City, Guatemala-Griffin Enright Architects

Notes from the architect:
This project revolves around a curvilinear pathway that begins at the lower end of the sloped site and ends in a balcony above the tree tops, projecting into the sky. The path navigates the topography of the site and engages the user at different levels, both within and outside the house. It also acts as a sort of “Ouroboros”, engendering a hybrid dialogue between the curves of the pathway and the basic shell of the house. This dialogue creates a series of spatial tensions between elemental conditions that leads to a delicate dance of earth, structure, and sky. Meanwhile, the main volume of the home is sculpted formally and programmatically in such a way as to reinforce the skyward trajectory of the pathway while still grounding the home literally and figuratively in the Earth.
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