Thursday, April 16, 2009

Genetics Research Center, Iran, 2007-2008-Azadeh Sahraeian

“Genetic Research Center” is a thesis project of M.Sc. in architecture by Arash Dailami and Azadeh Sahraeian as a team work. This project is an effort to define a new methodology of design which is inspired by1. the natural processes of the beings as the most sustainable systems which have survived through a long process of try and error for more than three millions of years,2.the fifteen characteristics of live things as Christopher Alexander mentions and 3.Kisho Kurokawa’s Sahraeia
researches to relate biological concepts such as symbiosis, metamorphosis ,etc. with architecture."
Azadeh Sahraeian

Azadeh Sahraeian : graduated from Islamic azad university of shiraz in 2007-2008 with highest honors.she has designed several projects with Arash Dailami. now she is working in Mehrdad Iravanian`s office.also she has several articles.the last one"sustainable architecture and genetic algorithm" was a cooperation with Arash Dailami that has been published in IKE`2008.
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