Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zaha Hadid's Betile Museum, Sardinia, Italy

The 2004 Pritzker Prize Zaha Hadid wins the international architectural competition for museum of mediterranean nuragic and contemporary art!

The project for the museum at Cagliari (Sardinia - Italy) dedicated to Nuragic and contemporary art aims to make known and underline the value of an ancient civilisation that is as fascinating as it is little known.The richness of the remains from the Nuragic age, their variety of form - that ranges from small bronzes to large stone statues uncovered at Monti Prama, near Oristano (West Sardinia) - the force and originality of artistic expression that characterises them, compared by some to the finest from the twentieth century avant-garde, are yet to be fully understood and appreciated.

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