Monday, March 16, 2009

Greener Gadget Design Competition No.2

First Place:
Tweet-a-Watt, A twittering power meter
Limor Fried, Adafruit Industries & Phillip Torrone, MAKE magazine
Here's how it works: The modified Kill-a-Watt uses a "super-cap" to slowly recharge itself. Once there is enough power it turns on the Xbee wireless module which transmits the data to a nearby computer (or internet connected microcontroller, like an Arduino). Once the power usage for the day is recorded it uses a predefined Twitter account (it can be your own) to publish your daily KWH consumption for the day. Multiple units can be used for an entire household.

Second Place:
Mathieu Zastawny, Mansour Ourasanah, Tom Dooley, Peter Byar, Elysa Soffer, Mathieu Turpault

Third Place:
Indoor Drying Rack
Rob Podell

Fourth Place:
Laundry POD
RKS Design Team

The Laundry POD is perfect for the times you need to do a small load quickly but don't want to waste the energy or a trip to the Laundromat. It's terrific for delicates and hand-washables. The spinning action washes gently, rinses, and then extracts water to improve drying times.

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