Friday, December 2, 2011

Office Design | Estudios Terra 240 Office | Brazil | Arquitectos Associados

In a complex topography and a problematic geological situation, this building occupies the descending site with a two storey underground free plan office that allows the definition of a pilotis in the street level. In the upper volume, five duplex units allow flexible use – living and/or working space. The structure is mostly defined by the four V shaped pillars, a design strategy to reduce foundations. The superimposition of two different structure types – the concrete frame with flat slabs in the first three levels and the structural masonry of red brick in the two upper levels – defines the main formal attributes of the building concerning mass and void, openings and surfaces. The intentional absence of walls and fences reinforces the open character of the pilotis, as an attempt to redefine the relation of the building with the public realm.....more
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