Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Central Waste Collection Building | Pamplona | ​​Navarra | Spain | Vaillo + Irigaray,

Bio-morphic Architecture
Central A collection of urban waste is a clean building: a building able to coexist with other uses of a city is not a building that has to hide, but most of them are factory buildings, industrial, "blind" and insensitive to the environment, ...
In this sense, wanted to give this central bio-mórrficos traits, which can accentuate your personality to coexistence: a building that looks and smells: it has nose eye.
His own inner workings - however-building requires guts loud: for it is necessary to create a building with different shells and layers of protection acúrstica: this would generate a building with scales. A coating recognizable and equipped with a scale capable of resembling by some kind of mimesis, conceptual quizárs to the peculiarities of place and the "culture" that must be generated: ecolórgica culture, a "green culture" .......more
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