Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ron Arad | Restaurant On Mountain Top | Les Diablerets | Switzerland

Landmark panoramic gallery and restaurant on a mountain top

A truly unique site at the summit of ‘Glacier 3000,’ which as the name suggests sits at 3000m above sea level. The site itself is in Switzerland close to the border of the French and Swiss Alps, the nearest town is Gstaad. The peak commands spectacular views of the Western Alps, the project captures this panorama and make it accessible. The peak itself, and therefore the intervention, is visible from 50km in all directions. Towards the summit sits an existing ski lift structure and motor room designed by Mario Botta. The design connects the termination of the ski lift with the summit via a covered route, thus providing an enclosed and protected journey all the way from Les Diablarets Village to the peak.......more
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