Saturday, July 2, 2011

Art Gallery Design | Greenland National Gallery for Art | Greenland | BIG

Greenland National Gallery for Art will play a signifi cant role for the citizens of Greenland and the inhabitants of Nuuk as a cultural, social, political, urban and architectural focal point.Greenland National Gallery for Art will combine the art history of Greenland and contemporary art in one dynamic institution that communicates the continuous project of documenting and developing the Greenlandic national identity through art and culture.
With its urban location and direct connection to landscape and nature there will be a rich opportunity to incorporate the Greenlandic nature as well as the surrounding urbanity. The gallery will be one common exhibition space that can be divided into many smaller galleries and accommodate changing exhibitions, but will clearly and unambiguously collect all Greenlandic and cirkumpolare artistic expression under one roof.........more
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