Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stand Alone Office Design | Atelier Tenjinyama | Japan | Ikimono Architects

This building was born to be able to hold it to prevent rain and wind.
This building is made only on four pieces of walls and roofs. The primitive constitution showed the possibility that "a person seemed to be able to spend somehow". In fact, it rises in joy and presence of mind and discovery here.
As for the design method, simplicity is clear. Make a box to live, establish the window to be connected to the town, grind a ceiling transparently to look up at the sky, plant a tree to make a bower, make a floor soil so that a root grows, raise a ceiling to be brought up greatly. So there are the scene that is various inside and out, and come across the scene beyond the imagination. This is comfort of the kinds unlike a feeling of outdoor openness. There is comfort to lead to the outside from the place that was followed physically and psychologically, or enjoying wind and rain not to prevent them.......more
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