Friday, April 1, 2011

Chengdu Theatre | Chengdu, China | Broadway Malyan

Using powerful yet simple forms, the design for the theatre places two giant circular volumes, each cloaked in a kinetic skin of timber and fabric connected by a 'liquid glass' structure which acts as the main entrance and foyer space. The circular forms offer perfect functional enclosures to the acrobatic circus theatre and the cruciform plan of the Jinsha Arts Theatre whose ancillary functions sit within the quadrant spaces. Together these two circles sit within the landscape as a figure of 8 on a north-south axis so that the connecting space and main foyer can be accessed from the east, facing the park where a new public square is created bathed in morning and daytime sun light, and from the west, facing the West 3 Ring Road where traffic conditions will permit direct access by car for VIPs. The evening sunlight will highlight this aspect of the building.........more
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