Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Architectural Competition | 1st prize | Shopping Center Alpenstrasse | Shopping Center in Salzburg | Austria | Atelier Thomas Pucher

THE GREAT GIFT - A shopping center which look like shopping
The expansion of the shopping center provides a clear and positive landmark along the Alpine Road.
The shape and surface of the building resembles a large "gift", a little packed, exciting worth it to be discovered - an attraction. Through this unusual symbolism to represent the characteristics of the shopping center, the customer is from the outside is visible from afar and enticing way: variety, excitement, entertainment, tender, just shopping and entertainment.

STRETCH THE MALL - The Market Place Shopping
Inside a conventional Mallkonzept with the concept of the marketplace is crossed. The result is surrounded by the costs incurred by the stores' Stretch-Mall ", a very large mall, a marketplace that hosts are catering areas and island shops. This form of central Mallfl├Ąche offers the advantage of maximum clarity and simultaneity of supply and thus a high intensity and serenity of the shopping experience.

THE GOLDEN ATRIUM - attraction and light inside
The Golden Atrium, a specially designed light passes through vertical space the whole building and connects the individual floors. In addition to the natural exposure and the spatial content of this atrium is due to its special shape and surface with an exciting, be experienced differently in each floor spatial experience - an attraction of the SCA......more
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