Thursday, March 17, 2011

Masterplanning | Chakoo | Oaxaca, México | Puuk Arquitectos

The design consists of different phases. The first is the urban planning, which consists of mapping studies, guidelines, wind currents and the impact of solar energy. The leitmotiv of the design is the continued respect for the natural features of the earth. The natural water paths indicate the location of green areas, which in turn, give reason to the distribution of the streets. 
 The second phase involves the subdivision of land, resulting in 46 residential lots (700-1200 square meters each one), combined with 2 lots for apartment buildings (more than 12000 square meters). The development has communal areas such as the beach club, access security, and green areas. 
 Each batch contains different contextual conditions, which makes them unique. Each must be analyzed separately for each house is related to one another. Diagrams and representative sample of the conceptual design process from different batches of the project. Each house is premised on the use of basic elements of sustainable design, such as the use of natural materials, according to the orientation distribution, energy efficiency, cross ventilation and natural lighting.....more
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