Wednesday, February 2, 2011

World War I and World War II Memorials | Canberra | Richard Kirk Architec

Richard Kirk Architect recently received first prize in an international 2 stage design competition for the National WWI & WWII Memorials.
These are located on the Griffin land axis, on a site of national significance in Canberra.
The monuments are contemplated as enduring symbols of loss, separation and sacrifice.
The memorials’ design avoids overt symbolism, narrative or the figurative.
The design intent for the memorials is for them to appear as though they have always been in place at the site and that they have evolved into their proposed form there.
They are deliberately neutral and abstract to allow many meanings as well as creating their own inherent and unique quality of commemoration specific to the events and the impact on Australia in the past and into the future.
The design process uses the neutral forms of the monolithic blocks or obelisks and then uses the suns position in the sky at significant times to make the resulting form through a carving and removal process.
Cuts and slices are made through the blocks using the sun’s location on key dates and times of the important events during the two world wars..........more
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