Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Architecture Triennale of Lisbon | House in Luanda | Angola | Ricardo Carvalho Joana Vilhena + Architects

The house is where myth and needs are. The act of building the house not only defines the interior space also founded what is out there. Dwelling implies the division of a space, a material or physical boundary, creating a duality between interior and exterior. The house draws the street, while fit and sustains daily life. In Luanda life unfolds in equal measure on the outside and inside, and the proposed power this reality. The house that we propose takes advantage of the street and life abroad, in its multiplicity of trade activities, work, crossings and meetings.

The present proposal draws on elements of timeless architecture. Enclosure, Patio, Stairs, Pavilion and Terrace. The venue is the lot provided that the proposal allows the association of both houses to take advantage of these interstitial spaces of permeable soil. The repetition of a universe can generate lots of private spaces, semi-private and public, generating complexity and surprise.

The courtyard is the cylindrical element of the proposed foundation. The pavilions, which we believe the domestic spaces, communicating with the courtyard surrounding it. The house consists of spaces whose function it is not set in advance. The flexibility and realism of the proposal stems from the failure to specify the destination of the spaces. Residents can take ownership of the house in an unexpected way, divide space or change the use of these.

The external staircase for access to the terrace doubles and is the front street. The repetition of this element creates an urban identity. The terraces are the notion of semi-private place where all activities can occur. Life could occur on the terraces at its most public and behind the wall inside the world of private life unfolds around a circular courtyard.....more
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