Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seoul Grand Park International Idea Competition | Chae Pereira Architects

Symbio Web is an open network park, a new version of the Seoul Grand Park. Multiple entranceways and activities are offered here, with every facility and activity seamlessly tied into different promenades all over the park and in contact with nature. Any activity can be connected to one another, as each individual is able to choose a set of activities according to their taste and with a new sense of freedom to choose any sequence of activity. A new multiple checkpoint ticket system allows visitors to choose their activity with ease, or simply do some shopping and let themselves be tempted along the way.

Somehow, Seoul is a situationist city, a place where the physical environment is constantly changing and facilities are piling up upon each other as the ground level has lost its meaning. With such an urban situation in mind, the painter Constant Niewenhuis’ New Babylon was used as a model to re-engineer the spatial relations in Seoul Grand Park as a network of facilities above ground level....more
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