Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cafetaria For Matthias-Claudius-primary school, Berlin, Germany By

User: Matthias-Claudius-primary school
Realization: 2005
GFA: 314 sqm

Matthias-Claudius-primary school has been extended in the framework of the "future investment program Education and Care" (IZBB) by a cafeteria with food distribution (caterers), a space for educators and related service areas.
The new cafeteria is not on the actual school grounds. A new reserved area adjacent to the green belt is used, the field that is to be used for school sport. It lies on the edge of a residential neighborhood and is flanked by a residential street. From there, the cafeteria is connected iby infrastructure that would be used for the caterers to supply goods.
The mature trees between the playground and the field is taken into account during designing. The limited budget and short construction period are the constraint which have to be resolved.

The new cafetaria has a slender structure, located at the edge between forest and meadow.
The road between the school and the cafeteria has to go through the forest and thus has a special scenic potential.....more
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