Monday, August 23, 2010

Museum of Popular Music, Rockheim | Norway | Pir II and Parallel World Labs

A new museum of popular music in Norway designed by local practice Pir II and specialist museum designer Parallel World Labs, opens , almost a year late.
Norwegian politicians and rock bands including A-ha are among the VIPs attending the official launch of Rockheim, one of the country’s biggest cultural institutions.
The museum, beside Trondheim harbour, is in a converted grain factory with a cantilevered box extension built on the roof.
This is decorated with Norwegian LP covers painted on to a glass exterior and back-lit by 14,000 LED lights, which allows the colour of the fa├žade to change.
Trondheim practice Pir II collaborated with the Canadian new media installation designer Stacey Spiegel and his firm Parallel World Labs on the design.
The building suffered a string of setbacks. The first contractor went bust in 2008 and then, when it was close to completion, fire destroyed a large area of the main exhibition space in October 2009.Rockheim, which opened to the public last week and had people queuing round the block to get in, will be responsible for the collection, preservation, and cultivation of Norwegian popular at bdonline
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