Saturday, May 15, 2010

School Design Idea | Kloden, Egmont High School | CEBRA

The 3.5 m2 extension will incorporate handicap friendly solutions within a sports facility, as almost 50 % of the students attending Egmont High School experience some form of disability whether it be that they are blind, mentally challenged or an amputee. Entitled Kolden, the Danish world for ‘the globe’, the project reflects the fact the everyone is welcomed in the facility.

The design of the sports facility is very focused on meeting the needs of their specific user type. For instance, to ensure that people with a handicap are able to easily navigate through the facility, the building is designed as one single space furnished with distinct elements that serve several different functions. These elements vary in both shape and texture as some are round, slick and boldly colored, while others are jagged, rough and more neutral. Although different, the elements are designed to complement each other and form a cohesive environment.

The seven elements are confined with a circular running track, “The Equator”, that is fit for wheel chair races and walking. The track also connects all the functions on the upper floor and serves as a traditional balcony for various activities. Since many of the people use wheel chairs and normally see the world from sitting height, this provides the opportunity to experience an overview.
Each element is also multi-functional; the slope of the “The Rock”, for instance, allows students to use it in different ways. Steeper angles work for climbing activities, while the flat part may be for sitting in a chair between exercises or practicing with the wheel chair. As the sides of the rock get steeper, the challenges will gradually increase and each person can find a level for himself as well as set new goals aimed at improving mobility.

By creating an architecture that focuses on a potentially challenging user group, in terms of design, the sports facility is a successful project that will clearly allow all to enjoy their experience.

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