Monday, August 10, 2009

Mountain restaurant in Ramundberget | Sweden | Murman arkitekter

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The location is selected with care. A birch overgrown hill where the tree line meets kalfjället, midway between Solliften and Osthang.

We have placed the building between the birch trees, mountain streams and stone slabs, light tangible but away from the lift's immediate vicinity. The placement strengthens the building's connection to nature and works well in both summer and winter. From here you have a the outlook from Skar mountains over entirely to Mittåkläppen.

The target was a building which harmonises well with fjällandskapets nature, both in form and materials. It will offer visitors a unique experience of the fantastic view in an environment with the atmosphere. It is hoped that the interior contains both intimacy and space, and works just as good a windy winter day as a sunny spring in April.

Facade material is natural given, birch bark-covered birch strains as a protective screen. The round shape allows the wind to pass and give the restaurant the visitor maximum outlook. Southwest open his arms to form a protected patio, from which one can gaze out over the mountain expanses.
Text and images from Murman arkitekter
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