Sunday, July 19, 2009

World Cup 2010 | Soccer City-FNB Stadium | Johannesburg,South Africa | Bogertman and Partners

Design Considerations

The design of the stadium was selected from a series of concept designs ranging from acknowledgement of Jo’burg’s disappearing mine dumps; the kgotla (defined by the tree) of the African city state; the African map as a horizontal representation, which included the roof as a desert plane supported on tropical trees set within the mineral wealth of Southern Africa; to a representation of the protea, our national flower.

The calabash, or African pot, was selected as being the most recognizable object to represent what would automatically be associated with the African continent and not any other.

The calabash, or ‘melting pot of African cultures’, sits on a raised podium, on top of which is located a ‘pit of fire’. Thus the pot sits in a depression, which is the ‘pit of fire’, as if it were being naturally fired.

Project Data:
Seats : 94,000
Concrete Volume : 65,000 m³
Rebar : 7,000 ton
Formwork : 174,000 m²
Slabs : 65,000 m²
Piles : 1,200
Precast Elements : 14,000
Structural-Steel : 7,100 ton
Cladding : 38,000 m²
Excavation : 105,000m³
Earth Fill : 45,000 m³
Brickwork : 80,000 m²
Roof-Fabric : 370 000 m²

Soccer City
Architect:Bogertman and partners
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