Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Studio Weil | Mallorca, Spain | Daniel Libeskind

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Studio Weil is a painting and sculpture studio designed and built for the American painter and sculptor Barbara Weil in Mallorca, Spain. Daniel Libeskind worked closely with Ms. Weil to create a building which not only responds to the surrounding landscape, but also forms a space which complements and contrasts the artist’s work. The unique gallery, workshop and storage spaces are an unprecendented fusion of the architectural with art: a fusion where the architecture in its form, materiality and geometry illuminates, complements and gives voice to the art of Barbara Weil. The Studio was completed in 2003 in collaboration with Goccisa.

Completion: 2003
Opening: 2003
Client: Barbara Weil
Building Address:
CMO. San Carlos
Port d'Andratx

Technical Details:

Building Area: 430 sq.m. (4628 sq.ft.)
Structure: Reinforced concrete
Joint Venture Partner: Jaime Vidal Contesi
Structural Engineers:Adolfo Alonso Dura, Gracia Lopez Pationo
Lighting Designer:Studio Dinnebier
Source:Studio Daniel Libeskind
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