Wednesday, July 15, 2009

National Academy of the Arts, Bergen,Norway | Brisac Gonzalez

The building’s distinct form defines the western edge of a proposed civic plaza that will double as a working yard for the new school. The plaza’s surface slopes gently towards the main entry, where an expansive glazed ground level allows views into the lobby and the hillside beyond. Weather permitting, large sections of the facade can be opened to connect the lobby, plaza and hillside. The interior environment is vertically arranged to provide two distinct zones: one for the public and one for students and faculty. The two areas are visually linked, yet programmatically separate. The public area will in essence be a large mixing chamber for the citizens of Bergen and the school. Above, the more enclosed and overlapping floorplates contain a variety of different spaces for the creation of art.

CLIENT:Statsbygg for the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

VALUE & SIZE: £ 28 000 000 / 17 500m²

DATE: 6/2005

Images and text:Brisac Gonzalez
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