Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nardoni Library | Prague,Czech Republic | HSH Architekti

3rd place in the architectural competition.
authors: Peter Burian, Petr Hajek, Tomas Hradečná, Jan Šépka
cooperation: Lukas Zimandl

We are at a time when humanity is taught to read genome a number of organisms, including their own. We know the hereditary information that is contained in each one of our cell. The inspiration of our proposal is due to become the organization and logical structure of cells. The main core of the entire building is the depositary with preserving the Fund. The huge cylinder filled with library funds are managed from offices and workshops, which are strung on the cylinder as a ring. 'National Treasure' finds itself in the very heart of the building. The next layer are the areas accessible to the public. This spatial stratification may well operate in the staff offices with the entire contents of the depositary, as well as the public part. The entire area is wrapped and protected by transparent plastic (cell membrane), which is part of the exterior coating. Transparent coat the entire area libraries naturally light, moreover, in place of the southern gallery offers a view of the panorama of Prague Castle. A transparent dome creates the atmosphere of the temple on the books.
Images from: HSH Architekti
Original text from HSH translated by Design Ideas
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