Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Driving School | RICS PRO |Rokko Island, Kobe, Japan | Tadashi Suga

Architect/Designer: Tadashi Suga
Location: Higasinada-ku Kobe city Hyogo ( in Rokko island)
Site area: 14351.21sqm
Total area: 657.50sqm
Structure: steel
Completion: Jul 2006
Photos: Yoshiharu Matsumura
This is a new facility of the large-scale car driving school built on an artificial
Rokko island in Kobe.
The site is located on an area of transportation and industry where heavy-duty
trucks busily move around and the road and buildings around there are large enough to overwhelm people there.
However, the required apace is only 600sqm and a extremely small volume around there. For facilities to be built on this specific surroundings, I thought that such an image of building covered by solid shell would be most suitable considering the surrounding area.
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