Thursday, June 18, 2009

Temporary installation at Polytechnic of Milan |Gianluca Milesi

This is a temporary installation proposed in the space designed by Vittoriano Vigano’ for the Polytechnic of Milan in the eighties. The space has been very inspiring for its high quality minimal rationalist architecture and it would have been a perfect choreography for an intervention in terms of addition of forms, volumes and geometry. The volumes of the installation proposed have been designed to dialogue, for contrast but in a respectful way, with the existing spaces. Free and sculptural digitally created forms have been chosen to underline a difference of language and probably a difference of paradigm and symbolism with the hosting space. From the inside of the building, the sculptural form exits to the open agora in the underground, trespassing the modular glass façade. The non regular volumes would like to be a poetic contraposition to another more regular poetic language. For its nature the installation has been thought as temporary, built with light materials: a thin steel skeleton is wrapped by translucent polycarbonate. It is possible to enter the sculpture in few points and its inner and outer surfaces are supports for projections and changing communication. In this way the volumes offer a multiple perception of the spaces, as sort of parasites but as a structure at the same time. The installation, proposed to the Polytechnic of Milan, faculty of architecture, was never built.
Tetxs and images from Gianluca Milesi
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