Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mitchell Copp Building, Winnipeg | 5468796 Architecture

Texts from :5468796 Architecture
commercial / office space
10 000sqft
The Mitchell-Copp building emerged during an era of intense growth and economic development along Portage Avenue, one of Winnipeg’s most important arteries. Constructed in the early 1900s, the building was converted to a bank in 1920, with renovations including the monumental facade it still has today. Extensive fire damage later destroyed the interior, leaving behind a burned-out shell that remained empty for years before its recent acquisition by the North Portage Development Corporation.

The new design contains four floors of offices suspended over a restaurant space that is sunken into the former basement. This floating, translucent box is set back from the walls and front facade, bringing daylight to the interior and creating an impressive, forty foot high volume free of visual obstructions.

The project is a study in contrast between old and new, simplicity and classical embellishments, letting the existing building speak through texture and ornament. Blackened brick walls will be cleaned and left exposed, and glazing in the barrel-vaulted ceiling and arched window on the facade will be restored.
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