Friday, June 26, 2009

Madrid Train Bombing Monument, Atocha Station | FAM Arquitectura

Name: 11 March Memorial for the victims.
Location: Madrid, Spain.
Address: Av. Ciudad de Barcelona junto al Intercambiador de RENFE.
Year: 2007
Client: Madrid City Council and RENFE.
Architect: FAM Arquitectura y Urbanismo S.L.
Structural Engineering: Schlaich, Bergermann und Partner (SBP). Fhecor.
Installation Engineering: Urculo Ingenieros. Comacal.
General Contractor: Dragados S.A.
Times of realization: 1 1/2 Year Project and development. 1 Year Construction.
Cost: 6.000.000 €
Technical data
Surface: 497.5 m²(Room underneath). 1088 m² roundstep.
Capacity: 200 People
Construction system
Slab: Reinforcement concrete slab pre-stressed with 21 steel strands .
Glass structure: Borosilicate glass moulded blocks bonded with acrylic adhesive.
Top portion: Borosilicate tempered float glass connected with steel bolts.
Membrane: ETFE 150 µ 97% transparency stabilized by pressurized room.
Height: 1113 cm. (Glass structure). 986 cm. (Membrane).
Weight: 135098 Kg. (Glass structure). 48,56 Kg. (Membrane).
Máx. Span (Concrete slab): 1765 cm.
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