Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Contemporary House-CAN AIBS,Baleares Islands,Spain | Bruno Erpicum

Type of work: Construction
Subject: house
Owner: AIBS2 mas2
Year of completion: 01-01-2004
City: Baleares
Country: Spain
Surface: 400 M2
In the way of a path that stumbles, because he could not go further north, the ground crumpled up stairs for us to become deposited on the lower deck where you can embrace the landscape. The living spaces are pregnant one large frame which does not resist at the sight, for against, it can protect the scene of sometimes violent winds. There are also side patio, enclosed space open for a second rock cut facade of the cliff, a fence topped with olive trees. Laterally, to be discreet, the pool is projected into the landscape beyond the terrace. Carefully laid on the floor, some walls and columns supporting the volume of solid floor which distributes rooms and a window bar, a few skylights and bay side dug in the ground. At 159 meters, no artifice does compete with nature, calm and serene under a blue sky, dramatic and tormented by the storm.
Photo: Jean-Luc Laloux.
Text:Bruno Erpicum
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