Thursday, June 18, 2009

Community Centre,Merksplas,Netherlands | Dierendonck - Blancke

This project is situated in the center of Merksplas. The program includes the creation of a library, multipurpose room, cafeteria and a number of rooms for local organizations. The volume of construction starts at the street and develops along perceelsgrens. The program spread over two floors, the surface limited. The location provides a presence in the streets and open space for any housing in the future (an option suggested by the builder). On the ground floor there are three features: the central hall, the cafe and the multipurpose room. These areas are directly connected and together as a whole function. The central hall provides direct access to other premises and is in visual contact with the upper floor by means of two vides. Two staircases lead to the first floor of the library and multipurpose rooms. The length of the building is broken by a double bend in the south fa├žade which three components of the scale of the project break. A division into various aspects under slight slope close the roof here and the different slopes of the cornice visible. This approach is the building on the existing, fragmented morphology of the area.
Texts and images from :Dierendonck - Blancke
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