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Spiladós,The Waterfront Reykjavik, Iceland | SHL

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Spiladós is a conference and concert centre that reflects Iceland’s diversity, contrasts and stunning natural phenomena via a spectacular but simple external form and a complex, curvilinear interior. Spiladós, which means ‘musical box’, incorporates three major halls, which in conjunction with a fourth unit, the front stairs, occupy the corners of the building. Concave “curtains” of clear, curving glass stretch between the halls, affording views out over the harbour, the Atlantic Ocean and Mount Esja. The space between the sculpturally designed elements forms a multi-level atrium, which assumes and generates a particular character and atmosphere consistent with each new event. The foyer is south facing. The northern and eastern sides sport striking views of the harbour, affording a splendid scope of activities along the jetty. The façade’s stainless steel mesh cladding reflects the constant shifts of daylight, creating – in conjunction with its integrated light fittings – dynamic design sets. Spiladós is part of a masterplan designed to integrate the old Kvosin quarter with the harbour district. The entire development is to be a mixed-use scheme that includes cultural buildings, commercial and retail facilities, housing and office accommodation.

2nd prize in the final stage

Competition type:
Limited, international
- 2005

Municipality of Reykjavik

schmidt hammer lassen

Landscape Architect:
SLA Landscape Architects

Linuhönnun Consulting Engineers

Turnkey contracter:
Istak hf and E. Pihl & Søn A/S

Texts and images from: SHL
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