Monday, May 18, 2009

Ljubljana Passenger Station Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008 | Sadar Vuga Architekti

Type: Infrastructure
Formula: Ornamental Structure, Permeable Structure

The Bridging Structure

The Ljubljana Passenger Station is a 16,5 m high bridging structure, raised above the railway tracks and inserted between the western part of the Ljubljana Passenger Centre.

The bridging structure is a spatial truss that spreads radially from the centre towards the perimeter. It is supported by seven coniform legs, distributed in the area outside the railway tracks along the interior parts of the northern and southern squares. The natural lighting of the railway tracks is made possible by three hexagonal light shafts, which perforate the bridging structure at its centre. The fourth light shaft appears on the western side, along the joints of the bridging structure and the Emonika complex.
invited competition, 2nd prize
Ljubljana City Centre
Site area:
26.118 m2
Total floor area:
25.152 m2
ground floor + 2 storeys
bridge steel truss
glazed facade
SVA: (Jurij Sadar, BoĊĦtjan Vuga, Miha Cebulj, Bor Pungercic, Risto Avramovski, Bruno Henriques); Structural Engineer: Elea IC
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