Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fibreboard Factory-La Muella, Havana | Andreas Michelsen

The fibreboard factory is situated in Havana, Cuba by Havana Bay. The scheme is a response the current situation of post-soviet Cuba suffering under the US embargo, resulting in previously subsidised industries slowly dissolving. In the case of my project the fibreboard factory is interwoven into the derelict structures previously used for storing sugar.

The design of the factory takes into consideration the very limited resources available in Cuba. It adopts a makeshift way of constructing and converting the few present materials, like the way Cubans repair old classic American cars with available materials such as plywood and ship-paint.
Project: Fibreboard factory

Location: Havanna, Cuba

School: Bartlett, UCL

Year: 4th Year (Diploma)
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