Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aparment Design Ideas | Zaragoza Student Housing By Dellekamp Arquitectos

Program: Apartment Building
Location: Zaragoza University Campus, Zaragoza, Spain
Status: International Competition
Architectural Project: Dellekamp Arquitectos|Derek Dellekamp
Project Leader: Derek Dellekamp
Team: Brian Ringley, Adriana De Carvalho, Ignacio Méndez,
Pedro Sánchez, Jachen Schleich

This building is based on a modular apartment unit where the furniture is arranged to allow free movements, creating a number of different scenarios or possibilities for the students. A terrace connects each unit to the outside. The linear circulation on the opposite side is limited by a green wall, and the resulting corridor becomes a place for social encounter. Due to an innovative bioclimatic design, the thinness of the building operates ideally by keeping heat in the winter and allowing a cross ventilation to cool the space during the summer, flipping sides randomly at different levels, and creating facades in which the typology of the terrace and the green wall interweave.

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